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x Hot Sauce gets into the Montreal Comedy Festival! Check us out on July 18th and the 19th at the Kola Note Theatre in Canada! The show is hosted by David Cross and Bob Odenkirk and directed by Bob himself.

x Ben gets hired to write for Robot Chicken! Check out some of their videos on YouTube! We'll miss him for a couple of months, but not really.

x Say hello to your 2006 NYC Cagematch Champions. Hot Sauce defeats Reuben
Williams in the Finals and takes down the net. Hot Sauce now holds the all-time cagematch record for votes per show with 86.6 and the all time largest vote total for a single match with 183. We'd like to thank Pally's mom.

x New Improv Jam at the UCB NY, hosted by fwand, called Jammin' w/Ralph. Check it out this month on 2/23/07.

x Hey guys- look out for Starveillance on the E! Network Friday Nights at 11:30PM! Ben & Gil are the hosts - Glenn & Corey. You can hear us go through puberty on TV.

x Have you seen these? Adam and the Chubby Skinny Guys have some leaked Super Bowl Commercials... after the Super Bowl has aired...

x New Hot Sauce short films coming soon! Stay tuned - now that our site is up we'll have more time for shorts. This is not a worthy news item.


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