Tuesday, February 27, 2007

iPod Video

An iPod Commercial Apple never released.


Ysketball - The 2006 Timeout NY Short Film of the Year.

A Serbian Basketball Instructional video from 1985.


Monday, February 26, 2007


Hello World,

Wow. We have a real website. Good God. A real website. Finally, Gil got off his ass and "designed" one. Can you handle that? We bet you probably can. Here's some recent news for our first indulgent post:

x Hot Sauce Sells Out -Hollywood Style. We just got back from our first show out at the UCB LA Theatre. We had a great time, hopefully we'll be back soon, but we had to promise not to break any eggs.

x Ben just got hired to write for Robot Chicken! Check out some of their videos on YouTube! We'll miss him for a couple of months, but not really.

x We recently became 2006 NYC Cagematch Champions. Hot Sauce defeats Reuben Williams in the Finals and takes down the net. Hot Sauce now holds the all-time cagematch record for votes per show with 86.6 and the all time largest vote total for a single match with 183. We'd like to thank Pally's mom.

x New Improv Jam at the UCB NY, hosted by fwand (a UCB team which Gil is a part of), called Jammin' w/Ralph.

x Hey guys- look out for Starveillance on the E! Network! Ben & Gil are the hosts - Glenn & Corey. You can hear us go through puberty on TV.

x Have you seen these? Adam and the Chubby Skinny Guys have some leaked Super Bowl Commercials... after the Super Bowl has aired...

x New Hot Sauce short films coming soon! Stay tuned - now that our site is up we'll have more time for shorts. This is not a worthy news item. That's it for now ya'll.

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