Friday, March 23, 2007


Tonight at Midnight! Don't be scared, come out and join us at the Dirtiest Sketch Show at UCB. It will be absolutely gross so don't forget to bring your young daughter. Plus "special guests" will be there, including the hysterical Owen Burke, the original co-host of the show, all the way out from LA!

In other exciting "news" - Hot Sauce got nominated for a 2007 MAC Award for Best Sketch/Improv Group. Click Here and scroll down. Yay!

PS- Thanks to everyone who came out last night to Llama Toe at Caroline's - it was lots of fun. Thanks to Bobby, Reggie & Shap for hooking it up.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Show Update!

Next week we have all types of fun all over the city...

First up - Bobby Tisdale & Reggie Watts host a new comedy-variety show called "Llama Toe with Bobby Tisdale and Friends" over at Caroline's on Thursday, March 22nd. We're really excited to be doing a short set there, so come on down! The show starts at 10PM, and you can get tickets here.

On the next night, March 23rd at Midnight, Hot Sauce, along with the fabulously hilarious and filthy Jackie Clarke, host "The Best of Dirtiest Sketch: RIP Anna Nicole Edition" at the UCB Theatre. If you've never seen the show before, you're in for a great treat - we've got the best sketches in Dirtiest Sketch Contest's history together for one awesome, disgusting, hilarious and DIRTY night. In a nutshell, contestants perform sketches as filthy, dirty, outrageous, bizarre, surreal and crude as comically possible! The winner gets $3.07 and his or her mouth washed out with soap! You can get more info and make reservations here.

Also, you can always check us out on Harold Night at the UCB Theatre.


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Thursday, March 1, 2007


Hey Guys,

So the website transition has been smooth so far. Thanks to everyone who's pointing out any glitches. Let me know if you see any and I'll try and correct 'em.

Meanwhile, Apple has taken down our "iPod Video" off of YouTube just as it was going viral. Big thanks to Gizmodo for posting about it in the first place though. We did however put up the iPod Video in Quicktime file on our website. You can check it out here: iPod Video

Also, thanks to College Humor and Cracked who have both featured our video, "Ysketball". Pretty Sweet! Thanks to everyone who checked 'em out and hated them!