Ahh, the Hot Sauce history, so fabled. It all started when...

Hot Sauce is a three-person sketch and improv group from New York's Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. They are Gil Ozeri, Adam Pally and Ben Schwartz. Their last two sketch shows, “Fourth-floor Walk-Up” and "Hot Sauce Sells Out" were both Timeout NY’s Critic’s Pick and enjoyed long runs at the UCB Theatre. They've worked together on Harold teams as the UCB Theatre, and in other shows such as Sketch Cram and The Real Real World.

As an improv team, Hot Sauce is an 11-time Cagematch Champion, and the current 2006 NYC Cagematch Champions, holding the all-time record for average votes per show since Cagematch’s inception in 2001. 

Hot Sauce can also be found hosting the Dirtiest Sketch Show with Jackie Clarke in NYC.


Hot Sauce has been performing together for over three years. They met while honing their sketchwriting and improv skills at the UCB Theatre in NYC. Their history literally begins at a small show called Liquid Courage at the UCBT, a late-night "open-mic" sketch show, where Ben Schwartz and Adam Pally began putting up sketches. Gil eventually began helping out, playing characters and eating black & white cookies. After putting their sketches together into a show- "Fouth Floor Walk-Up", Gil joined the group, and Hot Sauce was finally fully formed. It was soon after that they created paper.



Gil Ozeri is a writer and performer from New York City. He is a member of the UCB House/Harold Team fwand. Gil is currently a host of the TV show Starveillance on the E! Network. Gil also played the nine hundred pound playa, Orson, in the REAL REAL WORLD which recently completed an 18-month run at the UCB Theatre. Other sketch and improv performances at UCBT include CAGEMATCH NYC, host of the DIRTIEST SKETCH SHOW in NYC, SKETCH CRAM, as well as many other shows at the UCBT. He has studied improvisation under Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Armando Diaz, Billy Merritt, Michael Delaney, Anthony King and others since 2002. He's appeared on LATE NIGHT w/CONAN O'BRIEN and is also an animator and creator of the celebrated TEAM GIBBA (teamgibba.com), a cartoon and blog parodying the world’s most perfect couple.
Hometown: New York, New York

Gil's Headshot | UCBT Profile | On the Web: gilozeri.com | Gil on MySpace (coming soon)



Adam is a writer and actor. Adam graduated from the New School University and has studied at the UCB since 2003 with the likes of Billy Merritt, Michael Delaney, Seth Morris, Peter Gwinn, and Armando Diaz. Adam’s credits include, Hot Sauce in 4th Floor Walk Up, Flux Capacitor, Nights of Our Lives, Sketch Cram, People Party and a bunch of other UCB shows. Adam can also frequently be seen on Harold night with the UCB house team Beverly Hills, at Cagematch announcing fake wrestling matches and at the Dirtiest Sketch in NYC contest where Adam is a host. Adam is also now owed twenty dollars by his friends who bet him he wouldn’t start every sentence in his UCB bio with his own name. Pay up suckers... Crap, Adam just ruined it.
Hometown: Livingston, NJ



Ben Schwartz is a freelance writer for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, the LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN and various other hilarious places. He has a website devoted to the jokes that didn't make it on air - REJECTEDJOKES.COM.

He has studied and performed at the UCBT since 2003 and has performed with on such Harold Teams as T.R.U.C.K.S., Killebrew, & Renegade 77.

Ben just finished filming the part of Russ in the upcoming Frank Whaley film NEW YORK CITY SERENADE, starring Freddie Prinze Jr., Chris Klein and Jamie Lynn Sigler.

Ben was also recently hired as a staff writer for the show Robot Chicken which can be seen on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Past UCB performances include Hot Sauce in 4th Floor Walk Up, The Real Real World, Hosts of the Dirtiest Sketch Contest, Rat Radio, Iron Sheik and Friends, Slam Jam, Gibbons and Schwartz, Cafe Verge, Host of the North American Sketch Championships, Very Best of Blackout and the Holiday Spectacular. He is working on some new stuff that will either blow your mind or suck.
Hometown: Bronx/Westchester, NY

Ben's Resume | Ben's Headshot (coming soon) | UCBT Profile | On the Web: rejectedjokes.com | Ben on My Space


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