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Hot Sauce on MySpace
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Phone Sex Pranks - Gil's site of funny prank phone calls to phone sex girls.
Rejected Jokes - Ben's videos of his rejected jokes from SNL's Weekend Update & Letterman's Monologue.
Adam's Blog - Adam Pally's Blog.
Team Gibba - Gil's parody of the world's "most perfect" couple.
Starveillance on MySpace - Gil & Ben play the hosts of the show, Corey & Glenn.
Harold Night at UCBT NY - Check us out on Harold Night at the UCB.

UCB Theatre NY/LA- The best comedy theatre in the world.
UCBT on MySpace
College Humor
Improv Everywhere - Prank collective lead by Charlie Todd.
Rogue Elephant - Sketch/Improv group in NYC.
Cowboy & John - Skecth duo in NYC.
The Human Giant - Sketch group with Aziz, Paul & Rob.
Derrick Comedy - Sketch group in NYC.
Wicked Wicked Hammerkatz - Sketch group in NYC from NYU.
Nick Kroll
Long Awkward Pose - Katie Dippold's hilarious site.
Aziz Ansari
Jackie Clarke - Crazy hilarious Hip-hop duo.
Cracked Out
John Flynn
Michael Showalter
Mark & Ari - Sketch duo from NYC.
Whitest Kids - Sketch group from NYC.
Paul Scheer
Dustinland - Hilarious web comic.
Hip Hop Karaoke in NYC - Check this out once a month.
Elites TV
Bassist Wanted - Another hilarious web comic.

Improv Resource Center - NY-Based Improv Message Board.
A Special Thing - LA-Based Comedy Message Board.
Timeout NY Comedy
The Apiary - NYC Comedy Blog.
Hello Hilarious - NYC Comedy Blog.
The Onion
Channel 102 - Every month 5-minute TV shows are screened for a live audience in NYC. The audience votes to renew some shows and cancel others.
Gothamist - NYC Blog.

Amy Rhodes
Anthony King
Becky Yamamoto
Chad Carter
Chris Gethard
Chris Kula's Pop Stand
DC Pierson
Donald Glover
Dyna Moe
Eliza Skinner
Eric Appel
Eric Tanouye
Jackie Clarke's Graffiti Blog
Jake Fogelnest
Jeff Hiller
Jefferey Marx
Joe Wengert
Julie Brister
Julie Klausner
Justin Purnell
Kate Spencer
Kevin Hines
Liz Black
Megan Neuringer
Nate Shelkey
Pat Baer
Porter Mason
Rachael Mason
Rob Lathan
Rob Riggle
Shannon O'Neill
Will Hines

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